How to Make a Computer in Little Alchemy

Hello Welcome to, in this article we will give you our guide on how to crafting a computer in Little Alchemy! Join us as we delve into the mystical realm of alchemy and unveil the secrets behind creating this virtual wonder. Follow our simple and engaging steps to breathe life into your very own alchemical masterpiece.

The gathering of the elements

To create a computer in Little Alchemy, you must collect four essential elements: electricity, metal, silicon, and glass. Let’s explore each element and its unique properties:

  1. Electricity: The life force that drives our creation. Combine energy and metal to create this vital element.
  2. Metal: Our computer’s sturdy foundation provides stability and structure. Forge this element by combining fire and stone.
  3. Silicon: The key component in computer chips and processors, enabling high computing power. Unlock silicon by combining sand and electricity.
  4. Glass: The transparent marvel that serves as a screen for the computer. Form this element by combining fire and sand.

Assembling the components

Now that we have gathered the necessary elements, it’s time to assemble our computer step by step:

The combination of metal and electricity for strength and vitality

In this crucial step, we will bring metal and electricity together to give power and vitality to our creation. Follow these simple instructions and witness the birth of a remarkable alchemical miracle:

  1. Place the solid metal foundation on your alchemical work surface. Think of it as the backbone of our computer, providing stability and support.
  2. Now summon the energetic essence of electricity. Combine energy and metal and let the electric current flow through the metal structure. As you do this, imagine the sparks of energy intertwining with the stable framework.
  3. Witness the transformation as the metal absorbs the electrical charge and pulses with new life. The fusion of metal and electricity breathes life into our creation, bringing it one step closer to a fully functional computer.

As the electrical energy flows through the metal, imagine the inner circuits and components springing to life, ready to process and transmit data in the digital world.

With the merging of metal and electricity, our computer is now filled with power and vitality, ready to begin its technological journey.

Connecting intelligence to silicon

To improve the capabilities of our computer and give it computing power, we will now introduce the element silicon. Follow these steps to unlock the accurate intelligence in our creation:

  1. Combine the sand, the raw material, with the energetic essence of electricity. When the two elements combine, imagine the sand turning into silicon, a substance known for its semiconducting properties.
  2. Witness the magic as the silicon combines with the existing composition of metal and electricity. Imagine the silicon particles spreading inside the computer, forming complex circuits and microchips.
  3. Imagine how the intelligence of the computer awakens with the fusion of silicon. The silicon allows it to process data, so our creation can perform complex tasks and calculations in the virtual world.

With the addition of silicon, our computer now has the processing power to navigate Little Alchemy’s vast digital landscape.

Lighting up the digital world with glass

No computer is complete without a visual interface to display its wonders. In this step, we introduce glass, the transparent marvel that brings our creation to life:

  • Combine fire and sand to create the mystical substance of glass. Imagine the sand melting under intense heat and turning into a liquid state before solidifying into a transparent sheet.
  • Gently place the glass on our nascent creation, which will serve as the computer screen. As the glass adheres to the structure, imagine the screen materializing, ready to illuminate the digital world with vibrant colors and sharp images.
  • Witness the glass fusion with the existing components and imagine the computer screen coming to life. As the light penetrates the glass, the computer’s digital wonders materialize, waiting for interaction and exploration.

Through glass, our computer now has an immersive visual interface ready to showcase the digital wonders and immersive experiences that await in the world of Little Alchemy.

Extension of the possibilities

Congratulations, you have successfully created a computer in Little Alchemy! But the adventure doesn’t end here. Let’s explore some exciting variations and advancements:

The use of emulators for an enhanced experience

If you want to recreate the experience of a real computer in Little Alchemy, consider taking your creation to the next level by incorporating emulators. Follow these steps to unlock a whole new realm of possibilities:

  1. Combine your computer with software elements such as B. a code or a program.
  2. Add game elements like a joystick or console into the mix.
  3. Witness the birth of an emulator, an alchemical fusion that brings forth the essence of virtual experiences.

With the emulator, you can immerse yourself in various digital adventures, explore new landscapes and undertake exciting quests in the Little Alchemy realm.

Improved interactions with controllers

For those looking for a more immersive experience, combining the computer with gamepad elements to create a controller is recommended. Follow these steps to enable effortless navigation and interaction with your virtual world:

  1. Combine your computer with gamepad elements, e.g., B. Buttons or joystick.
  2. Bring the essence of connectivity to the mix by pairing it with wireless or wired elements.
  3. The result is a controller, a harmonious fusion of alchemy and gaming.

With the controller, you can seamlessly navigate Little Alchemy’s digital landscapes and embark on exciting adventures with improved precision and control.

FAQ – How to make computer in little alchemy:

Tinkering a computer in Little Alchemy: unleash your creativity

Q1: How to build a computer in Little Alchemy?

A: To build a computer in Little Alchemy, you need to combine four elements: electricity, metal, silicon, and glass. Follow the step-by-step instructions in our guide to collect these items, assemble them, and bring your computer to life.

Q2: What ingredients do you need to build a computer?

A: The ingredients needed to craft a computer in Little Alchemy are Electricity, Metal, Silicon, and Glass. Each element plays a crucial role in the functionality and appearance of the computer.

Q3: Where can I find the items I need in Little Alchemy?

A: The elements needed to build a computer can be found by combining other elements. For example, electricity can be created by combining energy and metal, while metal can be formed by combining fire and stone. See our guide for complex combinations and instructions.

Q4: Can I use different variations of elements to create a computer?

A: Yes, Little Alchemy allows for variation and experimentation. However, to create a computer, following the specific combinations mentioned in our guide is essential to achieve a successful result.

Q5: Can I customize my computer in Little Alchemy?

A: While the core components of the computer remain the same, you can explore variations and improvements by combining your computer with other elements, e.g., B. with software or gamepad elements. This allows you to create emulators or controllers to further enhance your Little Alchemy experience.

Q6: Are there alternative ways to create a computer?

A: In Little Alchemy, the combinations described in our guide are the most direct and reliable ways to create a computer. However, you can always experiment with other combinations and elements to see if alternative paths produce the desired result.

Q7: Can I use the computer I created in Little Alchemy for specific tasks?

A: In the world of Little Alchemy, the computer you create represents this technological marvel. While it has no specific functions or real-world applications, it symbolizes the concept of a computer in the game.

Q8: Any additional tips or tricks for creating a computer in Little Alchemy?

A: Pay close attention to the order in which you combine the elements. If you follow the step-by-step instructions in our guide, you will get the result you want. Also, don’t forget to explore the possibilities of emulators and controllers to enhance your overall Little Alchemy experience.

Remember that the main goal of Little Alchemy is to unleash your creativity, experiment with combinations, and enjoy the magical journey of discovering new elements and creations.


Congratulations on your alchemical feat of building a computer in Little Alchemy! This is just the beginning of your journey into this enchanting world. Keep experimenting, combining elements, and exploring new possibilities.

Unleash your creativity and let your imagination run wild. May your adventures in Little Alchemy be filled with endless wonder and discovery? Start your alchemical journey today and bring new creations in this mystical realm!